This is the list of pretty much all games I've worked on.

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Hands On

Hands On is an educational game that focuses on teaching American Sign Language. Children are led through the game by Roshni, a young deaf girl, and Terri her toy triceratops. Roshni and Terri will teach the alphabet and various food items in ASL. Players will go through various puzzles and be shown the signs being taught.

Available on Android and Apple.

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In Medieval Times a knight accidentally killed the sisters of a witch. At a party celebrating the heroic deeds of the knight the witch appears to deliver a curse upon the kingdom. As the alchemist of the castle and kingdom you have the perfect tool set to defeat this curse. Mix potions to save the kingdom and cure the civilians at the party. As a new player you will mix potions and throw them to fulfill orders. Doing so will earn you coins thus improving your score. Timing and accuracy are key in this VR game. Watch out for the witch as well because she’ll complicate everything.

Available on Steam for Windows. Occulus Rift Required.

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Error: Human Not Found

Error: Human Not Found is a visual-novel/puzzle game with portions of point-and-click adventure. Play as Grace and work to uncover the cause of death for the first AI to inhabit a physical body. Solve 4 types of computer-science based puzzles that increase in difficulty as the story progresses.

Available on Steam for Windows.


We Walked in Darkness

We Walked in Darkness is a 2.5D side scrolling platformer where you play as two sibling slaves trying to escape to the north via the Underground Railroad. Fourteen year old Grace knows how to read and write and is very intelligent. Eight year old Elijah is smaller and can fit within small spaces. They were born on a plantation in Georgia. Both have to stealth their way through obstacles like slave hunters and bloodhounds, as well as solve puzzles to escape while enduring the hardships of traveling as escaped slaves in a place where everything is against them.
We Walked in Darkness aims to teach people the hardships of what it was like to escape through the Underground Railroad.

Available on Steam for Windows.


Kitten's Brew

Sable the black cat is a young, new familiar to her owner, a witch. The young witch makes
potions all the time, but this time Sable wants to help. So the young witch allows Sable to help by pushing the right potions into to cauldron when she asks. But she only gives Sable three chances to make a mistake, so she has to be careful!

Available on Android and Apple.


Lore Keeper 3

Lore Keeper 3 is a narratively driven visual novel with the aim of teaching the players about literature, such as the Song of Two Swords, while creating an interest in reading and mythology. Players will adventure alongside famous literary figure, with the course of their journey impacted by the choices and decisions they make along the way. Through solving puzzles, answering riddles, and defeating enemies the player will assist a young Arthur in reclaiming the sword Excalibur from the evil that has stolen it.

Lorekeeper: Chapter 3 continues the spirit of the previous chapters by offering rich dialogue and vibrant art, that brings the story and characters to life.

Available on Android and Apple.


Lore Keeper 2

Lore Keeper is an educational visual novel with the aim to teach players about literary classics, which include the Song of Two Swords, Frankenstein, and 1,001 Arabian Nights, as well as fostering an interest in reading and mythology in general. Players will both befriend and antagonize famous literary figures and fight to preserve the world as they make impactful decisions and visit the faraway lands of fiction. In this installment, players search for Excalibur with a young Arthur, gain and lost allies, discover a grave new threat to the Lore Keepers and the world at large, and fight alongside Arthur to defend his story from darkness and put a stop to the evil that threatens to steal Excalibur away from him.

Lorekeeper: Chapter 2 features a rich dialogue system and a vibrant art style that builds on the the first installment to bring characters both new and old to life.

Available on Apple and Android.